Office Bearers 2017/18

President: Mike Roncone

Vice President: Gordon Crawford

Secretary: Brian Connelly

Assistant Secretary: Steve Traynor

Treasurer: Willie Ferguson

Social Convener: Chris Fordyce

Management Members: George Anderson, Graeme Bowman, Gordon McCabe.

Association Manager: Neil Watters

Assistant Association Manager: Steve Pullar

SFA Referee Committee Member: Ian Fyfe

SFA Referee Observer: Neil Watters & Douglas Yeats

Referee Development Manager: Steve Pullar

Referee Development Advisors to A&P:  Jeff Banks & Dave Munro

Referee Development Advisors to SFA: Steve Pullar

Assistant Referee Development Advisors to A&P: Sherad Mehta

Child Welbeing & Protection Officer: Keith Smith

Coaching Co-ordinators: Gavin Harris & William Ferguson 

Club Academy Co-ordinator : Graeme Bowman